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At Specialty Outdoor Products LLC, we manufacture the Ultimate Sling in America.  Whether you are interested in rifle, shotgun, muzzle loader, crossbow or bow, our products will meet your specific needs.  Each of our Ultimate Firearm Sling and Ultimate Bow slings are made from a high-tech thermoplastic material. The unique double strap system allows you to secure your firearm or bow and gives you a hands-free operation. The Firearm Sling includes the standard ‘uncle mike’ style swivel, also manufactured in the USA.
The Ultimate Slings are impervious to the weather and scent. They are also quiet, non-slip, shock-absorbing, UV-stabilized, and cold-resistant to at least –40 Degrees.  Our slings have a one-year satisfaction guarantee and a lifetime guarantee on all materials.  The Ultimate Sling takes the ‘thumb’ out of hunting and does what all slings should do. IT WORKS and it is guaranteed.
We pride ourselves in manufacturing the best products in the industry and provide the absolute best Customer Service. Our motto is ’We Manufacture Slings and Sell Service’. As previous distributors of the UltraFlex Sling, by Slogan Outdoors, we encourage you to contact us to purchase your Ultimate Firearm or Bow Sling.
Please be sure to come visit us at the many hunting and outdoor shows we exhibit at around the country.

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Address 7887 Gawley Road Pinckney, MI, 48169 USA
We are open Monday–Sunday, 8 a.m.–8 p.m. EST
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