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Top Rated Gun Slings

Specialty Outdoor Products LLC is the name to know when you are looking for “THE BEST SLINGS MADE”; manufactured by us in AMERICA. Our slings can be used on your rifle, shotgun, muzzle loader, crossbow or bow.  You have seen us featured at Hunting and Sportsman Shows across the country.
Constructed of a high-tech thermoplastic, these Ultimate Slings are
completely non-slip and will not fall off your shoulder. 
When used over the shoulder as a 3/4 backpack it gives you hands free carrying ability, no more thumb stuck in your sling to keep it on your shoulder. With the flexible material it is more comfortable than the normal gun sling. Unlike a neoprene or rubber gun sling, our thermoplastic material will not breakdown or dry rot from any form of environmental exposure.
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We pride ourselves in manufacturing the best products in the industry and provide the absolute best Customer Service.
Our motto is “We Manufacture Slings and Sell Service”. As previous distributors of the UltraFlex Sling, by Slogan Outdoors, we encourage you to contact us to purchase your Ultimate Firearm or Bow Sling.
Please be sure to come visit us at the many hunting and outdoor shows we exhibit at around the country.

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Top Products

  • Ultimate Firearm Sling

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  • Ultimate Compound Bow Sling

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  • Ultimate Tactical Sling with Nylon Tag Ends

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  • Loop Sling

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“Love this gun sling. Have owned one for many years now and this is the only gun sling I will ever have!”

– Recent Customer- Kenneth

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